Candace Hill

Candace Hill
Born 1945, USA

“As a multimedia art person, I began as a child painting and always knew that would be my profession along with joint poetry. Supplied with oil paints by parents and relations and books enough, rainy days became opportunities for the need for a happy something to do. Painting and the various thread arts throughout life began by the teaching of my mother’s mum and a good enough professional art school attended (Albert Pels) which set portraiture, still life, and street scenes in motion. To this day I am still making views of us in the lion’s den, horses being mounted for take-off, children literally, beings amazingly abducted, gun violence summoned, women held in torturous captivity, all the palindromic delights of a child growing up in country home burnished in the heath, cliffs, and gilded golden dreams that summertime brings. I’m grateful for painting keeping me fresh and intact enough to produce likely in some sort of scenario the effects of far-reaching tombs for the American obelisk. We need a different kind of abstracted impressionism that courageously deals with the words “hearth and home “ without making us wildly unsafe in hearth and home where turrets dominate, still mostly grow up polished and delightfully acquired to be drawn on paper shadow boxing (even as the body weakens past creativity said artists and all people need sufficient common sense).”

Candace Hill, Fumes Rising From Pyres Woe Man, 2021-22, oil paint, cotton on canvas, 49 x 36". Courtesy of the artist.


Candace Hill, The Narrowing of What is Scene and Taut, 2021-22, oil paint, and silk on canvas, 36 x 49". Courtesy of the artist.

Candace Hill image courtesy of Laurie Lambrecht.