Who We Are

Wendy Van Deusen, Director

Wendy Van Deusen brings decades of experience devoted to the arts to her role as Director of WACH. As a weaver, award-winning chef, and museum curator, she brings a passion for artistic expression and supporting others to nurture their own talents. 

Most recently, Wendy served as curator of LongHouse Reserve, founded by world renowned weaver and designer, Jack Lenor Larsen. For more than 20 years Wendy cataloged and cared for Larsen’s personal textile collection as well as the art, antiquities and crafts that make up the LongHouse collection. The most satisfying aspect of her position was to share the collections with the public.  

Prior to LongHouse, Wendy was co-owner of three of the most popular historic inns on Long Island’s east end, including the well-known 1770 House, for which she also was a James Beard Award winning chef. She successfully ran these businesses in the very competitive Hamptons market, while encouraging those around her to live fully and creatively. 

All the while, Wendy kept up her own studio work. With a BFA in Textiles from Moore College of Art and Design, Wendy creates art through many disciplines that include weaving and many off the loom techniques. She is also devoted to her family life, and served as president of a local school board when her children were younger. As such, Wendy learned the details of institutional budgets, building contracts and, most importantly, listening to the needs of the local community. Her position only strengthened her belief in the importance of a high-quality education for every child. 


Joi Jackson-Perle, Associate Director

Joi Jackson Perle has always been surrounded by art, artists and art institutions.  Her father built Willem de Kooning's studio when she was a child.  Henry "Jack" Jackson built or renovated the homes and studios of numerous artists, designers, writers and producers where Joi and her siblings were free to visit and explore.  This early introduction to art led to a position at Guild Hall under curator and artist Rae Ferren.  At the time the entire staff of the museum were women, and she was mentored by each one.  

Later as a manager at Barefoot Contessa Joi became well versed in the culinary arts, as well as the organization and operation of a retail business.  However, the most valuable lessons she learned from owner Ina Garten were not about food but rather those that centered on service to the customer and the community.  

Before joining WACH, her years-long position at LongHouse Reserve gave her the opportunity to write grants, develop and manage the institution's website, expand and manage the social media platforms, and assist in educational programs and events.  Joi says her most crucial role was her work to broaden the organization's reach to underserved segments of the community and to advocate for the inclusion of more women and minority artists.  

Prior to working at LongHouse Reserve, Joi served as the assistant to film director Barry Sonnenfeld at Sonnenfeld Productions and was responsible for the management of the postproduction facility for several big budget films including Men in Black 2 and Men in Black 3.

Active in the community, Joi enjoys working with others to ensure that all residents can fully enjoy what makes the East End of Long Island an exceptional place to live.