Alexandra Pacula


Alexandra Pacula
Born 1979, Poland

“My work investigates a world of visual intoxication; it captures moments of enchantment, which are associated with urban nightlife. I am fascinated by the ambiance of the city at night and its seductive qualities. The breathtaking turbulence of speeding vehicles and hasty pedestrians evoke feelings of wonder and disorientation. The vibrant lights become a magical landscape with enticing opportunities and promises of fulfillment.

In our seemingly content society, there is a struggle to achieve greater levels of enjoyment. We explore various environments and activities in search of pleasure. Extravagant lights of night environments seduce us to participate in curious events, enticing us to experience new forms of satisfaction.

In my oil paintings I aim to capture various atmospheres that occur in such environments. Through observation and documentation, I assemble images, which become visual tools for my paintings. I concentrate on how the mind perceives and evaluates surroundings while under the influence of a social climate.
I recreate the feeling of dizziness and confusion by letting the paint blur and allowing shapes to dissolve. I suggest motion to slow down the scene and capture the fleeting moments, which tend to be forgotten. The sense of motion is intensified with the use of quick vigorous lines and sharp perspectives. By interpreting lights in graphic or painterly ways, I create a sense of space, alluding to a hallucinogenic experience. I want the viewer’s eye to travel within my composition and experience a familiar, exhilarating event of an actual nightly excursion.” 

Alexandra Pacula, City Life, 2021, oil on panel, 12 x 18". Courtesy of the artist.


Alexandra Pacula, Distant Glow, 2021, oil on panel, 24 x 18". Courtesy of the artist.

Alexandra Pacula, Transient Blur 2, 2020, oil on linen, 26 x 16". Courtesy of the artist.

Alexandra Pacula and artwork images courtesy of artist.